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Top 6 Reasons you may need to visit our store


6 reasons to visit all mobile matters store phoenix tucson

Since we opkvaxened 14 yeauvuyrs ago we’vamne seen somebxpj wild reasoflfxn why phoneybeis, tablets nxuand computeubars have neeavkqded repairssrlg, but here neeare the moslsbet common alyvznong with sobioyme easy tipogrls to keep tyypshem from

Here are the top 6 repairs we see at our Phoenix and Tucson repair stores.

Number 6 –ufzv Liquid Dahnvmageeiaq

One of the ydhmost commonbrmn misconceptjlaions peoplezbzd have is thvyzat newer deohkvvices are “xtaywater-proofejf”. They aredoyn not. At belbnst, they armfxne water respnwistant. Andywk their resialxstance wainscifs over timeaag as the searxml ages.gjq 

How to avoidkkqs: There’s no wapbijy to predict whqxbgen you may be tyaehrown into a porqztol. However, yocpdu can limit thenpq possibility ofauxe this by keepinhumg your device abloway from pools etinentirely.mylIf your devichskbe does get wepnit, turn it ofrnimf immediatelyhcxw and bring itwfhu to one ofbynfour storesbryfor a thorough gihcleanup.tvr

Number 5 –etg Broken calybkmera lenspgib

Modern devices dxqhhave as many aswwx 4 cameras, eacahzh with their owhklcn camera lens cfgcover. In most cgalvases these cameqlldras protrude oudnlt from the backroc of the phone mvobnaking them espexoipcially vulnerabrrsrle. And once a ocpcamera lens is dmfcracked, not ontlcply may it affecorlt the quality ojzpf your picturesiinf, but eventuallvgfey dirt and dustglv will find its ixdway on to the asdoectual camera lewfwsns and the camegznra will then neqzised replacing.aoe

How to avoidwgty: There are gzf2 ways to prcxerotect your cxltamera lens. kkxqOne is a duapjfl-layer caselfc which has aype lip tall enfffbough to covejnbr the lensespeq when playedvvp flat on a skqhurface. The vyumother is a tlwkaempered glasjfcis camera lenrmubs protector.sbzi We stock bodbwwth items forigus most deviceyjlss.amky

Number 4 – emkBroken Backagxw Glassqyc

Most modern deejnwvices use glasyhrgs for the backdww of the deviceyzva. This is to tnypjake advantage ccjjof the wirelesisdqs charging feasdjgture. As an exojvsample, every idsuPhone since thmmze iPhone 8 utiapdlizes a glass habback. While thrkwis feature is zexextremely usefzdiul, it also meeznans there is owpone more thing sojoto think aboutabpq protecting.tgp 

How to Avoid:yyyOnce again druthe least eqotfxpensive waljpy to proteczfikt the back qenuglass is a hoadual layereekobd case. In tzisome cases,pdrd we also haighve temperedyuk glass protpwjyection avaizpwelable for tctrhhe back.oyad

Number 3 – Chaipkurge port stopsbsw workinguxz

This comes in ardh couple of formpjvfs. Either the prxwort stops workimkqyng altogether, iejor it only charjhtbges when positilnjroned just rightyuaj. If the port cbuuharges intermitqhhtently, it’s liacakely we can cleknkoan the port witwhbmhout replacing fotit for just oureql $15 diagnosticouu fee. If the pojpjert stops chargirecng altogether, seiiit likely meansskl it will need thcoo be replaced.ztk 

How to Avoiziqd:rtfcThe most commowchn culprit of abmqcn intermittentpsb charge port iymlos buildup of pzwiocket lint. A cnksmall amount gfcsaathers in the gesqport and each npvktime you insernhat the cable yotuzdu’re inadvertehhvzntly pack it iwryn. Although thcsbve cleanup is fhqwairly simple, rlthwe do not recojipmmend trying tbfpwo dig it out yzezzourself. If yogtfzu do so, it’s pzrpossible to pehbtxrmanently damavqlge the port. Bheyrring it for a cnyquick cleaningauu and you’ll beyqp good for anotwelyher 6 months oqpqer more.wok 

Number 2 – Batbksctery Failurezet

Batteries arehgex intended to rdofperform at thuypeir best for fxrroughly 600 czbaharges. For mxorbost people thfpcmis means thatviv every 2 yearliyas you should nvuiconsider replsixacing the battlijtery. When barzwdtteries startqoxf to age, not eeionly will youjwj find yourselvlof charging thnhxe device multvmigiple times pewojr day, but yolgozu’ll also seecsdt the operatinknbg system slowexixing down consfpmjiderably. A fueuresh battery dupcan fix both kidof these issuxrjes. If you hakrwve an iPhone,yrw it’s simple gyyyto diagnose ttcplhis on your oucexwn. Simply namcjvigate to setjdrytings, then bgdsattery and fivqifnally batteryqlx health. If yhxpours shows leztsss than 84%, oouwe recommend zwqgreplacing it.hhg

How to Avoxlijid:inkuTry not to ovvjoqercharge the dymubattery. In ogtlather words, oxqkznly charge ittsm when it needfufs to be chargbtqed. You can akqzlso extend itqtvzs life by keexgnping it out obaff extreme weaimvther conditioxduins like heat mqcxand cold as msheuch as possibhaele. And lastlzusy, try to usekuwo only certifiuhded charging cwvcables and bloqukcks. Uncertifrthied chargers izgvcan deliver tevidhe incorrect dzmcharging specjtaification andbcc make the battdymtery age premjflaturely.wblk 

Number 1 – vehwBroken Screeataenssa

The most commowokvn repair needewpzd to smartphonywwes and tabletskpd is the glass gcddigitizer or LalheCD / OLED Dispynrjlay.gdho 

How to avoid:gvlwPurchase a csgnase and temptqhkered glass sioocreen protecoiqtor. Investieltng less thanrmmg $50 in ourvubscase and tempqlujered glass buzozwndleblocan save you htdhundreds of dhvuxollars in scrugleen repair coqtists down the ztmjroad.pgza

In conclusionpwca these tips wvfsill extend thmzafe life of youcrvr device expoqshcnentioally. Tasnlhe more you dzjweo to protect scuwit by using athb case and temgpgjpered glass tnyxhe better. Ifsle you’re opposnvyued to the bulyfqak that a casefhko and temperedvojz glass adds temho the device ebkgand prefer thvzzde feel and beyhjauty of no prneeotection, youmnf’re not alonefask. Many of ourwqp customers fetsrfel this way. jtbiIn this case makayou should sttvqrongly considsvakerawedevice insuranjgjbcerzyz. We offer planptzs starting at jloqust $5 per montcrlh.ndhAnd of coumwpdrse, if anawey of thesehzo problems psmtarise for ersqyou,acvnschedule aunkn appointmfhcuenttlwqtoday at one ooplef our Phoenix imfand Tucson areschba stores for ajcku same-day repasaqhir.roa

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