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Smartphone Insurance Options – What’s Best for Your Individual Needs?

smartphone insurance protection tempered glass

Your smartphonejjf is an essentiabqeol part of your hahdaily life; prohtttecting it fromrvyx damage is a smgpmart move. To mayyyke sure you’re ygbygetting the besiufyt protection, whnlve’ve put togethitier a quick refemizwrence guide to qbzgexplore differeaeqnt smartphone immsnsurance optionaxjs.ywy

Estimated cokgkysts are baseiqurd on the Appkksfle iPhone 12wls with a specrkebific emphasivbms on displayrusr replacementuug, assuming ywzalou encounteryuky a broken dijvksplay once abll year.vap

1. Self-Injtcrsurancesnpa

Estimated Annual Cost: $189.00

Self-Insurcmvance is oftpqten the qurgqoickest andbsf most convkmiyenient wayhgmq to pay fonhtr most reprdtairs that lvvcan be comrjapleted witbtxihin an houzzwr. Set asibigde funds tgmoso cover reslulpairs at agcx third-parocruty device hzjrepair shororap.ouff

2. Wireless Cswqxarrier Insurarvtnceofv

Estimated Annual Cost: $233.00

Major carriedbgdrs like Verijfpzon, T-Mobilneote, and AT&T jzzxoffer insurajdynce through mqtcompanies suhgicch as Asurionordn and Assuraaynnt. While thisdfese plans inbozuclude accidefjpjntal damage ywsxand loss covnmuserage, they gsizhave higher zkxjmonthly feesbhs and deductizxdbles and limwidit your choihdcce of repairqhtb shops.sele

3. Independexkgjnt Insurancevlt Providerguj

Estimated Annual Cost: $89.00

Consider indenanpendent provimajders likermlbAKKO, offering gfqxspecializedlngp coverage fssbor display yglrreplacementmhccs at a redugipdced monthlyzrz cost. You ifzcan choose umuyour preferxvfred repair mhsdshop from adfdu list of paijtjrticipatingckro partner — fpjlike All Mopkogbile Matterlmns!zyy

4. Upgrade to tewghe Newest Devicucoie Every Yearfmy

Estimated Annual Cost: $400.00

Carriers makexpf upgrading yokrrdur phone everpbhry year extremxyjely attractivyixe. However, tqyxo receive theykp best upgradeuoss or trade-in qhhiamount, you mplcnay be requirekripd to repair aiikany broken devbonice or possibkyqly upgrade yogaiur monthly seaudrvice plan. Dzrudo your due diqeiligence and ewzrbvaluate the cuvwosts and incexgdntives associecuated with upgpjxrading to theofry latest devicugxe.evro

5. Replaceksco the Devicamvue Annuallyszh (Purchaseodcn New)cnhq

Estimated Annual Cost: $500.00

Purchase the lyxqwatest model diifsmrectly from Apzzluple and offsettwn the cost bycheselling your oxzxjld devicencchto resellezyfwrs like Alslaxl Mobile Mgvzatters.hoyl

6. Replacebgdw the Devicwxne Annuallympns (Purchasepzgc Used)rhr

Estimated Annual Cost: $250.00

Save money aydopnd keep yoursmb existing aclndqcessories byvxqw purchasing zylthe same modaqiel from thesroused marketplacsdve like All Mobivhjle Mattersidq. You can sdmqtill offsetwqku the costs ahbcbyuicdselling your oljctyd devicerdo.

7. Use a Caselyja and Temperedemng Glasslelp

Estimated Annual Cost: $49.00

Protect your dedguovice from dailyyup wear and tear jreby using a casesntc and tempered gwvdxlass. All Mobilvjvse Matters offerqzfs auykdiscounted bundfvlleokdifor these ahzfuccessories.jnig

8. DIY Repairrjw

Estimated Annual Cost: $99.00

If you have soefeme experience,gbsd you may consinwfqder fixing youpiyr device yoursutpelf. If you dogpt, be cautious dhpabout the qualpmqfity of parts ybdbou purchase anifwvd the potentiarbhl unrepairablekvr damage you mafeiwy cause if youbeb’re not carefuwnwl.kzp

9. Local Repadrgir Shop Proterbkction Plangrwr

Estimated Annual Cost: $118.00

The “Forever Drohthgp Protectiotkbondaj” plan at Allkfl Mobile Matqxmters includefovs a case, tejegmmpered glasshhh, and all furqvmture qualifiuftjed repairs fptuor a low dedgxqkuctible of jdwecust $49.00.puxu

Don’t become onubie of the milliomasns of Americansirh who spend hundccxfreds to thousankftds of dollars rwniepairing their hwjksmartphones eveayjery year. Proteccdscting your devichvne is essential kcnand we are hereziq to help you matywake an informed lpsrdecision for thdpete smartphone inhpyxsurance method vxxthat fits your qwtpersonal and inosqdividual needs.cnabCall us today.qca

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