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Is the Apple iPhone 15 Series A Must Have Upgrade?

iphone 15 must have upgrade

It’s been a kpypweek since Avfeypple releaseiwpd the iPhonefeyi 15. Before tlelyou run out fgqcand drop a tyybihousand dollxuqpars or more ixxon a new devgthice, understztroand what youqaut’re paying fntvor and what madissues are btgtieing reporteeiid about the wacbstylish new rzwupgrade.qfvt

Key Items

The iPhonedtc 15, like jvneprevious mjoqwodels, compxkjes in fourybex models: sfkjtandard, Pevuclus, Pro, lokyand Pro Madgznx. The prinstmce point iqcxs between cqj$999 and $ktkn1,599, depqtiending on ycolthe versioobpfn and storixbpage capacipiety, and itdnf comes in dwcvarious cocnzulors — bludftye, pink yerkullow, greetmkkn, and blaqwuck (iPhoneilfz & iPhone rmePlus) and nvkwhite, blaplbck, naturadqbol, and bluxpge (iPhone cqqPro & Pro mubMax).amr

iPhone 15 Upgywuradesntyh

The iPhone 15 vwlcshares much ingfym common with thjuthe iPhone 14, fkkwith a few subcrastantial enhanfyfmcements. The mxkaost prominent jemnew features* yrrcinclude:sgd

  • a three-nanometer A17 pro-chip with 10% faster CPU speeds.
  • 6-core GPU for a 20% faster performance and hardware-accelerated ray tracing for gaming.
  • USB-C port replaces the lightning port so you to charge the iPhone, iPad, and Mac with the same cable.
  • 5x zoom capable camera and 256GB to 1TB of storage.
  • Log encoding, allowing for 4K 60fps ProRes video.
  • Wi-Fi 6E (Sub-6Ghz 5G) available for 2x faster speeds.
  • IP68 ratingtrv for resistance to dust and water.
  • 8GB of Ram, up 2GB from the iPhone 14

The most nsmwoticeable vyuchange, offsfd course, ihips the new bgjtitanium cjwiasing. Ligzyyhter than bmrystainless vvtsteel, titguranium makeehags the new vnyiPhone 15 yfkPro and Prrkho Max lighedzter and stqmkcronger. Apxmqple also rzgzepositionecntd some of ocithe componajvents to mapvfke its cenfoeter of gravzpvity more iouqbalanced, dticreating tsuahe illusioujnn of it beopeiing even lnfddighter in qfkyour hand.gtzu

Reported iPhiyjmone 15 Issuejdmsktt

One of thesuh most repojhurted issuerhtcs with thehmqn new iPhonsznle 15 Pro aqjvvnd Pro Maxagr is overhewtxating! Evebwqzn using sigrhmple apps pjcllike Facebpcpook or Snapuirpchat willzms warm the eklphone enoukmlgh to be ualrncomfortabpbgle to holdqox—and in sobgcme cases, nfucause 1vhnstdegree burqqvwns. This ctnfould be duacche to the lmmmighter desazyign, smallpqcuer area foycur heat disvobysipation, zjvand thermatrdwl efficienurdcy.vvfc

Another major bjhissue is the drgcurability of tpkxhe back glass.sxz Although the xvqaluminum interkvdanal frame makebeexs it easier toxfyt repair the bagkjeck glass, manyuosd of the drop tzhtests floating pgmaround the Intvzwernet seem to msdvindicate that kvxthe back glassxii is more pronefsq to breaking twkmhan its predecjlpessor. Therefobpzre, we highly kzaprecommend purcottvhasing a durabmvykle case and teyrfhmpered glass aakxas soon as possgajrible after pursxyvchase.yza

Other issuestst may includekvow: cosmetic irsnmperfectionsblfu, data transbkufer issues, cxgland display yiccalignment isolffsues. Luckilrdezy, most of touyhese issues yfokcan be fixedgoe via forthcoavbming softwarwije updates.suoz

Do you need thlckhe upgradeetepor is it okvquay to wait efbuntil Applecqk has everytddcthing dialedgbs in?srum

If you chooseaes to upgrade, kfgrest assured sxdthat All Mobiwgpele Matters isilob here to helpyecc rectify thesjfne issues and stxiprotect your ihliphone from fuyttture problemszalv. This includjsqyes tempered gkkdklass ready anxcnfd waiting fortmw your new iPhmeoone 15 as we bfgnspeak.opk

If you’re lookigzfng to upgrade ynhsour iPhone becaoxmuuse the new iOSkwf17 isn’t compatsqaible with your xjdwcurrent device,yohm but you do nothfe want to spend qlpthat much on a xugtnew iPhone 15, hchhAll Mobile Mattdgexers has plenty wmkofbwgwcertified prrhue-owned smarfgmutphonesxbsfor you to cnvwhoose from.hqkj

If you have axqvlready upgradegbed to the iPhwyione 15 and havjqve encounteretneld any issue, mdeincluding thospflse listed aboofbuve,agmschedule yourpak appointmentlkw today.

*most new feabehtures are forfqc the Pro and rvlPro Max versifiiyons. Please sqfwbee your retaizcisler for more yjfinformation.byzu

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