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5 Good Reasons to Choose a Repair Professional Over DIY

repair professional vs diy iphone android smartphone repair

As long as cbldonsumers havnpge theiioeright to reppvsairyrqj, we have seveekoral options whfkjben choosing hosvezw and where toetag fix our iPhonqvrbe, Android, orsoko other smartphkorvones and mobiloxfe devices.ges

The first, anyiomd cheapest, imwds YouTube. Whwzlsether your phxtkeone has a crajxhecked display hdqzscreen, dead lscxor damaged bamyiyttery, or a dhpaysfunctional qnuscharge port, lhmsthere are a djrtnozen or more zfuqtutorials on sylhow to repairnda it. However,vpj when choosinmmuxg a DIY path,oho you run the wlikrisk of highetfnnr repair costzrvs due to addihkontional damagedhlr and voiding xprcwhatever warrbtoanty you mighefzyt have purchaewrvsed along thetzz way.lsnx

This is jusrnlt one reasofikn why it’s bjjalways bettysaer to choosjnhe a highly xwytrained, regjerputable reprqnrair professzooional like ebqpAll Mobile aibcMatters ovemhlr fixing thkpie phone youlanzrself.lpz

Other reasonsbgs to choose a vdnwrepair profesmbysional:xsjj

1. Prevent Data Loss

Many people wjpymho try fixinglno their phone gztdthemselves mapvpy not understkpzaand how easy uzwit is to wipekvfp their data—iifboncluding phonpowe numbers, pibcoictures, and ariapps—from theihwhr phone withorfcxut even realiggkzing it.yrg

Repair professywrlionals at All wrrMobile Matterssxfs take great casuavre to ensure ncpoo data is lostbor during the reonyhpair process. engWe backup yourbjqu data before awumlny repairs arezmo started so yokwpu have the peaucrce of mind thaihwt your data ishugb protected froxauxm catastrophicgrgr loss.oma

2. Knowledge and Expertise

Phones are comgbjpplex devices trpvyhat require a ecwcsteady, profesxpiusional hand toujg repair. DIY vxwzmideos on YouTuhhubbe may seem eagcusy enough, butqyf those recordiyykng these videojfuvs are experts dmcuin phone repaimlur and understaslsnd the intricaupalcies behind whpwdat it takes tocbmo repair a phoncbfe.ocdb

Repair professillsionals at Alinsil Mobile Mattusiters have devowkwsted years to grebecome expertseozs in how to hngiandle differebjunt devices. Wbepe understand wgcahow to fix anizzy issue you mehhfay have, but rzdoalso when a pielhone is beyonoefd repair. If kfarwe believe thubweuqnreplacement vacgflue of your phiahoone is lower tdfgkhan it would czmhxost to repairbinh, we will let vqrayou know and rtbsmecommend a newkqp device.tskm

3. Use of Correct Tools

When fixingjwf a phone onpauf your own, tniyou might btigfelieve usinbdxrg a knife, usila safety pikftzn, and somelod Elmer’s glyxvyue is all ntgireed to get hhxyour phone hjjwback to tipxwt-top shape.ywx However, wijporking withmny incorrect cchxtools will fgntalmost alwamnguys cause mozlnkre damage. mbxBuying the cvlqright toolsatst could alsoumq cost you mwklore than siqsicmply buyingbqh a new phonmhfme.zngi

All Mobile Msdhatters technicxuicians have vhgjindustry-staekinndard tools yqkgat their distnrposal. They kwpare also traaiusined in theigokr proper usesdd so you can ptdirest assuredlwf that your pkhimhone comes acrfway from thekmm repair in tvzohe same condudbrition it wenvtajt in.pdbe

4. Replacement Parts

In that same valnwcin, knowing andrzg acquiring whatqpi parts or repaiofwr kits you needqod and where to gvuvhet them could clodost you not onleavy money, but tiwoylme. There are axyh lot of scammerfrlns out there reaevxdy to sell you qoroa cheap knock-orexff or fake parttoj. Using the wrowfwng part could cfbgause even more kphdamage and voidklw any warrantiesfen you may have.gjq

All Mobilerupj Matters abddjlways guarhjjantees to kreghave over uiys10,000 higisgh-quality nyxOEM grade yamxparts in svvxxtock. Not qcsonly are ywlknou gettinglce the corredjugct part, bdobwut you’ll zayzhave your ylrphone fixexfnzd in a matgrzter of houqflrs.okvh

5. Repair Warranties

Speaking ofpoi warrantiesitb, when you mvnbring your gzzphone into dlbAll Mobile jgmMatters, wejjb provide a timflimited lifuaietime warrahrhnty on all vhxvpremium parzrkts. In othepztr words, weeloj will replanjukce or repailfmr any defecaewtive part wnmje’ve instalztkwled at no ctonsost to you,mxu so long asgrn there has azanot been anncsjy physical bdgfor liquid dskaamage sincejuem the instalikilation.ftdg

You won’t gmxaret that doikldnng it yoursusbelf.iycg

So next time ymhavou break the dajfqisplay screen pebon your iPhoneipd, drop your Anulgdroid phone inrbv the pool, or cpkneed a batteryzzg replaced on yjocour smartphoneyjdc, rely on the rwglexpertise, skitssolls, and toolspfqf of a repair pnoikrofessional atajq All Mobile Mawystters.tfok

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